Coral and Natalie founded 42 Juice in early 2013, after a combined journey which led them to understand and believe passionately in the benefits of juicing.

4600263979_165x190Corals interest in nutrition started when she fell ill with meningitis in 2006 and her speedy recovery was helped by eating a macrobiotic diet, which she would prepare with her father daily. They would go and choose which vegetables individually looked like they had worked the hardest to grow and so full of the most life and vibrancy. This spurred Coral into studying nutrition and weight management, personal training, and to travel to India to train in Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda. After learning more about nutritional value she brought her mother a juicer 5 years ago as a birthday present and over time juicing grew to be an essential part of her life.

4600558223_149x224 Natalie’s partner Gus, who is also Corals brother, fell seriously ill in 2010 with an auto-immune disease and was in hospital for several months. During his long and difficult recovery, Natalie became increasingly interested in how the body works, and studied Anatomy and Physiology with an aim to study medicine and become a doctor. A passion to help people and understand the body really became significant for her during this time. Gus’s recovery significantly improved after he changed his diet and lifestyle, eating a large number of fruit and vegetables daily, and they sincerely believe that this has been one of the main reasons for his growing and improved health, as his body was receiving many of the nutrients and vitamins it needed for optimum results. This realisation, that food can be used to heal and help the body also changed Natalie’s diet and lifestyle for the better and this prompted a want to now be able to heal people in an alternative way to western medicine.

Whilst Gus was in hospital, Natalie and Coral became extremely close as they journeyed through this especially difficult time together, and became the best of friends. The girls noticed a lack of easily available health foods and drinks to patients in hospital, which is ironic considering that good nutrition is what the body needs most at this time. On their daily commute to the hospital they used to go to a juice bar, get a juice for Gus and a shot of wheatgrass and even just from this tiny shot would instantly feel benefits. In 2011, they applied for the game show ‘The Million Pound Drop’ and were successful in getting onto the show and winning a sum of money, which has enabled them to start a new healthy chapter, and to welcome 42 Juice. It took a few years (and a baby) for them to realise their destiny would be to heal and help people through the benefits of juicing.

Reading many articles and stories about how cold-pressed juices have helped people with serious illnesses, it inspired the girls to want to be affordable enough for the general population so that cleansing can be a part of anyone’s life. Why should optimum health only be accessible for the rich?! Our aim is to help cleanse and heal people in an extremely beneficial and natural way, by offering cleanse and detox packages full in vitamins and nutrients, which your body needs for optimum health.


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We provide affordable cleanse and detox packages designed to re-fuel and re-energise your body. 

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