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Up close and personal with Emily Shaw

We get intimate with Emily the founder of Amaveda  –

Emily’s detox programmes are an amalgamation of everything she has learned and experienced from the Peruvian Amazon to Southern India and back again. Her approach fuses her nutrition background with the fundamentals of Pancha Karma: the yogic system of detoxification. Emily’s protocols are loaded with luxurious treatments and products designed to keep the body fully pampered and the nervous system in chill-mode: the only state from which the body can detoxify and repair.

We wanted to delve a bit deeper to find out a bit more about this inspirational woman… Emily seriously shines from the inside out so we wanted to know what her secret is… (and share it with you too obviously!)

Favourite book – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams by Stephen LaBerge – This has been my bedside table companion for at least 10 years. I love the relaxation exercises before bed and the practice of lucid dream activation.I also never quite got over Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Morning ritual – Write (or scribble) in my dream journal, drink hot water with lemon, honey and cayenne, stretching to music or walking on the beach. There are dozens of other things I do depending on the level of my dedication at the time time and the weather. but those are the (amost) constant.

Evening ritual – Liquorice tea every night and an aromatherapy bath, (my latest blend is star anise, lavender, mugwort and jasmine). I love falling asleep to audio so I always ask my partner to read to me, otherwise I listen to something soothing on my ipad.

Tea – On constant rotation are Liquorice, Matcha, Lapsang Souchong, Chai, Coca and Nettle

Café – Lately I love Black Mocha in Brighton for the hot chocolate that is truly divine.

Film – The lunatic

Artist – Metric

Best meal you’ve ever had – Anything cooked over a fire, eaten outside under the stars with friends that took hours to make.

Or, ice cold, small choice PEI Malpeque oysters, no sauce, Anytime.

City – Toronto, Lima, Brighton, Rome, Iquitos.

Shop – Markets

Life mantra – Where attention goes, energy flows.

Guilty pleasure – Travelling alone, maple syrup, house music

Documentary – Food inc, an important film for omnivores. A True Cost was an incredible reveal on the fast fashion industry, you will never step foot in H+M again. Dark Days is an older one about the real community of people who live inside the subway tracks in Manhattan, it was hard to watch, but really eye-opening to the contrast of the human existence and will to survive.

Crystal – Rose quartz, Amazonite, Pyrite

What is always in your fridge – Butter, lemons, miso, pickles,

Go to outfit – Jeans and a hoodie

Exercise of choice – Dancing, restorative yoga (does that count?)

Skin care routine – To exfoliate I use a blend of fine ground rice and rose petals (blitzed in the nutribullet) mixed with a neutral gentle cleanser ever few days.

I love using hydrosols as a toner in the summer that I keep in the fridge. Rosewater as a refreshing spray and fresh Aloe Vera whenever I have it. Otherwise I use homemade masks and cleanse and hydrate with Amaveda Buriti facial oil.

Star sign – Gemini

Favourite song – Couldn’t possibly pick.

Wish for the world – That we slow down and cultivate more value in simplicity vs. the growth mind-set, more kindness, more reverence for nature and ancient cultures, inclusivity, equality, abolishment of poverty and homelessness, and a non-violent female uprising!!

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

  1. Care less what people think, it’s okay to be weird, you’re usually just ahead of your time.
  2. Don’t sell your real estate
  3. Call your nana more

Follow Emily on Instagram – @amaveda –

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