Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi & Mushroom

Medicinal Mushrooms: Reishi & Mushroom

Mushrooms.. you either love them or you hate them! But there’s a lot to learn about the medicinal kind which have been used for thousands of years. We love them, especially Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms which we use to create beautifully nourishing tonics here at 42. If you don’t know about these bad boys, then it’s time to get acquainted because these magical little mushrooms offer a vast amount of benefits both physically and mentally.

Chaga mushroom is the world’s most powerful antioxidant which in simple terms means that our bodies defence system is boosted against free radicals that help repair your blood cells, resulting in a significantly stronger immune system and a healthier you! There is also a significant amount of research to reinforce Chaga’s effectiveness in fighting the growth of cancer cells and supporting more mainstream cancer treatments whilst combatting their side effects too. Chaga is also great for the blood’s health as it can normalise your blood pressure by breaking down the bad cholesterol found in the bloodstream which in turn can lower cholesterol. Chaga offers many soothing properties by supporting the blood vessels which can be a great addition for sufferers of diabetes and long term pain and anti-inflammatory issues. Through Chaga’s immune boosting properties it has been used for gastrointestinal health for centuries throughout Asia and the East. We combine our organic chaga with our warm 42 almond mylk which creates the perfect nourishing comfort.

The Reishi mushroom or the ‘lingzhi’ mushroom as it is known in China, is also known as the “mushroom of immortality” or the “medicine of kings”. The Reishi mushroom offers a vast array of benefits to improve your health primarily through boosting your immune system. Reishi mushrooms can help you fight off nasty infections such as the common cold or the flu and many sufferers of respiratory issues such as asthma often use reishi to improve their conditions and it is commonly used in many homeopathic remedies in relation to respiratory problems. Reishi could be the answer to all of you hard workers suffering with stress or emotional anxiety as it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Reishi mushrooms are adaptogen’s, which help the body cope with both physical and emotional stress so anytime your body is in need of calming down and a soothing touch, grab a reishi tonic. Reishi mushrooms also offer many benefits to your heart by lowering blood cholesterol levels and improving the heart’s function by improving the oxygen flow to the heart.

So now that we’re a bit more clued up on the power of these beauties, create your own nourishing creations at home or pop by and try our medicinal tonics which are available at both locations!

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