Natures Geometry, your body and food – By Origins Nutrition

So Dom the founder of @origins.nutrition (and an old team member of the 42 crew) has been kind enough to write up a short piece about the link between geometry and foods… Have a read and consider deeply how Mother Nature really is incredible and the more we look into her true beauty the more everything just makes sense…



For every cell in the human body, there is a pattern of cells in nature that will resemble our make up. Sometimes even smell the same as chemical reactions and functions within the body.

Sacred geometry are infinite patterns found in all carbon based life forms, which is us the human race and our food (well used to be all our food before the processing of them for shelf life).

Why should you care when generally you go by what tastes good, and by what us nutritionists breakdown as good for you?

The answer is in our History from our ancestors, the humans living before science and relying on the guidance of the ever bold and harsh female energy known as nature. She guided us through our sense of sight, smell and feeling.



When an indigenous tribe is bitten by an insect or reptile, they do not reach for their bathroom cabinet pills. But through understanding correlations of patterns, search for the plant/herb or root with similar or exact markings and shapes to the poison/toxic intruder to their body. There are plants with markings that match certain species of snakes…crazy or interesting that the plant with the same marking alleviates and can cure (depending on the strength and age of the individual) the poison/toxins effects on the body and mend the damage.


Living in this modern human dominant age, we have little threat of Nature’s harshness, so let’s get to the point of why this still should be of interest to you.


When an issue arises in your body in any of these forms; sub-acute/acute/chronic/degenerative illnesses and dysfunctions, it is generally down to a system of organ or bodily function being imbalanced or weak.

So it is advised to cleanse, repair and provide lacking minerals and nutrients, but how do you know which one without modern science (still not accurate to this day)?



Nature guides us with patterns and shapes, examples such as walnuts which are similar to the ripples in the brain, a polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty nut which directly passes the blood brain barrier and feeds the brain.

Avocados resemble the female womb/ovaries and removes visceral fat around these organs which can disrupt hormonal balance and menstrual cycles.

Figs resemble the male testicles and in seasons can smell much like sperm, the seeds within also resemble the sperm and is an excellent source of iron for the production/motility of sperm.



So just a few examples, next time you cut open a fruit, crack open a nut, slice open a vegetable, have a deep look and connect with the food. Next time you venture into a juice cleanse or diet, be mindful of which foods are in your juices and plate towards your needs.


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