Sun Energy Meditation

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Living in a country where the winter seems to go on forever can be hard sometimes and the lack of sunshine can really start to effect our mood and energy levels. Keeping healthy and filling up on nutrient dense food and juices can help and another way that can help you get through the winter blues and increase your vitality can be through positive thought and meditation.


In Modern Greek, sunbathing is called¬†heliotherapeia,¬†which literally means ‘sun therapy’, suggestive of the beneficial effects of contact with the sun. In northern climates we get fewer opportunities for such contact, but we can still use the sun as a symbol to get in touch with the qualities it represents for us. This exercise is a simple example.



sun meditation 1 (2)Stand in a place you like, indoors or outdoors. It may help you to be facing towards the light.

Close your eyes. Check that your knees are slightly bent, not locked tight, and that your back and neck are relaxed but straight. Let your shoulders and face relax, and feel your weight sinking into the ground. Notice your breathing.

Now imagine that the sun is shining onto you. (You can imagine the sun at any height, intensity, or even location that you wish.) Imagine the sunshine filling you with warmth and vitality, through every pore.

Focus on this thought and feeling for two minutes.

Now let go of the image of the sun, and focus on your own body which is filled to the brim with sunshine.

Imagine the warmth of the sun inside your body, your torso… limbs… right to your toes and fingertips. Stay with that feeling for a couple of minutes.

Now, still imagining the sun inside you, let some of that sunshine radiate out from your body all around. You might like to imagine it filling the room, or you might want to direct it towards a task in hand, or towards a person, for example someone you love or someone who has been giving you a hard time. Don’t push it, just let it radiate. Try to keep your thoughts and energy on this feeling for three minutes.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes.


We have found this meditation beneficial when we are feeling tired and depleted, or when a situation or person is overwhelming us and we have lost sense of our own power and positive energy to cope with problems.

You can vary the timing, to see whether a shorter or a longer meditation works better for you.

Try it for yourself and see if it can help shift your energy… Namaste xx


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