Our cleanse has been designed to re-fuel and re-energise your bodies back to vibrancy. A vibrant, healthier you will reward you with a better night’s sleep, increased energy and positivity, glowing skin and eyes, and a body which will love you from the inside out! (Oh and you may feel a little lighter too, which is a nice little bonus!) Cleansing is not just a diet as some people may believe, it is a lifestyle which will benefit you immensely, so come on and educate yourself about how to be the best you can be!

A cleanse is perfect if you need an energy boost, a beauty boost or a feel-good boost either before or after an occasion or holiday. Or whether you’ve recently indulged in naughty foods, alcohol and sugars etc and want to try and get back on track with healthier eating. Or cleansing is perfect for giving your body what it really needs and wants and therefore ANYTIME at all is perfect for cleansing. We advise doing a cleanse atleast every 3 months to regularly maintain and boost your body.

During your cleanse

You will have everything you need, prepared and ready to go. We will provide you with a lemon, so that you can start the day with a hot water and a slice of lemon, which will help kick start and aid the digestion process. There are no strict times for you to adhere to with drinking the juices we provide to you; however they will be numbered in an order we recommend drinking them in. Every 2-3 hours is a good time frame to adhere to, but please do what is best for you. You are able to drink as much water and herbal tea as you like during your cleanse; staying hydrated will make your cleanse easier and herbal tea is a great change from cold liquid! We are available at all times during your cleanse, should you need us.

After your cleanse

The best thing you can feed your body is more nutritionally dense food. Your body is at a peak where it can absorb all the goodness you put into your body (you know it makes sense), and what better way to nurture it, than to gently ease in by eating healthy and clean foods such as fruits and vegetables. You should gradually introduce foods that you have cut out, with meat and dairy being introduced last. If your cleanse has lasted for 3 days or longer, then it is best to re-introduce foods gradually over a couple of days. Congratulations for finishing a cleanse, and remember that you have done something amazing for you and your body. Congratulate yourself by absorbing as many nutrients and vitamins as you can whilst your body is at optimum absorbing level, and be sure to enjoy feeling as good as you do!